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Below are links to important Purchase Day Camp documents.

2022 Staff Sitter List Camp parents can log in and retrieve the list.

Enrollment Forms (completed online or on paper at time of enrollment):

Enrollment Application
Enrollment Policy Form
Camper Release Form
Credit Card/ACH Authorization Form

2022 Enrolled Camper Forms:

(2023 forms coming soon) Camper Forms Cover Letter
Camper Forms Directions
Parent Communication Request

Required forms due May 1st or ASAP:

Medical and Emergency Form #1 (one per camper) Please Note: The Department of Health has indicated that they want to require an MMR vaccination for all campers. As of May 1, 2022, that is not the law but they may enact it before camp begins. Please make every effort to have your child immunized in case they surprise us with this requirement this year.
Camper Pick-Up Permission Form #2 (one per family)
Aquatics Permission Slip #3 (one per family)
One-Time Attestation #4 (one per camper)

Medication Authorization Form