Lunch is provided at Purchase Day Camp for an additional $50/week. Campers choose from an extensive menu, and each lunch includes an entree, snack, dessert and drink. Prices listed below are only for campers not enrolled in our lunch program but want to buy a la carte items. Below are the 2023 prices.

Choose 1 Entree:

Chicken Nuggets - $5.99
Hamburger - $5.99
Cheeseburger - $5.99
Hot Dog - $3.99
Grilled Cheese - $3.99
Meatball Hero - $6.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich - $6.49
Chicken Caesar Wrap - $6.49
Garden Salad - $5.99
Caesar Salad - $5.99
Turkey Sandwich - $5.99
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich - $5.99
Cheese Sandwich - $3.99
Bagel Plain - $2.99
Bagel w/Cream Cheese - $3.75
Bagel w/Butter - $3.75
Fun Boxes
Cheese, Crackers, Pepperoni - $6.49
Hummus, Carrots, Cucumber - $6.49

Pizza - 2 slices (Fridays Only) - $3.75/slice

1 Snack:

Apple - $1.99
Lays Potato Chips - $1.49
Goldfish - $1.49
Pretzels - $1.49
Smartfood - $1.49
Fruit Snacks - $1.49

1 Dessert:

Ice Cream Sandwich - $2.99
Fla-Vor-Ice - $1.00
Rice Krispy Treat - $1.49
Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.49

and 1 Drink:

Water - $1.49
Adam & Eve Apple Juice Box - $1.49
Adam & Eve Fruit Punch Juice Box - $1.49
Adam & Eve Very Berry Juice Box - $1.49
Horizon Milk - $3.49
Horizon Chocolate Milk - $3.49

Campers not enrolled in our lunch program can still pack or buy a lunch. All lunches from home are refrigerated.


If you are part of the prepaid lunch program, you will order one item from each category above. If you want to order additional items, you can input a credit card and add it to your online order. For those not on the prepaid system, you will input a credit card and can order a la carte items as you wish. Prices listed above are for campers ordering a la carte or additional items.

Online orders are due by 8:00pm on the night before. The system will allow you to place a pre-order daily for each day of the upcoming week. That way, if you forget to order lunch on a given day, you will have something already in the system. You can change your daily order for any given day by 8:00pm the night before. We do ask that you cancel the order if you know your child will be absent. If a prepaid camper does not have a lunch order in the system, the default lunch will be chicken nuggets, potato chips, water and a Fla-Vor-Ice.

Our system has to allow for enrollment changes so you will only be able place orders up to one week in advance. The following week's lunch menu will be available after midnight on Fridays.

Link to place Online Lunch Order

A list of our lunch ingredients can be found on our Camp Forms Page Page under "Additional Documents". If your child has any food allergies and you have further questions, please call the camp office.

If you need instructions on opening an online lunch account, you must log in as a Camp Parent or TEAM Member to view the instructions.

Lunch is included in the camp fee. Campers choose from an extensive menu, and each lunch includes an entree, snack, dessert and drink.

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