TEAM Spirit...Exciting Special Events add spice to the program!

Weekly Special Events and Dynamo Days bring an energizing change to the daily schedule. Outside acts or our own programs bring a little zing and zest to the day. Past and present special days include:

Special events for 2023 included:

  • A Magic Show
  • Interactive Story Hour with a Local Favorite
  • A Circus Performance
  • Wet Day (A Camp Tradition!)
  • Rodeo Games (Color War)
  • Theatre Day ('Made in N.Y.' is this year's theme!)
  • A 90s Nickelodeon Carnival
  • Our End of Summer Party

Below is the calendar of Special Events and Dynamo Days for 2023. We've got exciting events planned for 2024, and they will be posted here as confirmed.

PDC Friends
Special Events

Theatre Day Videos
A highlight of every Purchase Day Camp season is our Theatre Day Special Event. Each season, Theatre Day has a different theme. In 2022, the theme was PDC Bowl Halftime Show, with songs featuring artists who performed at super bowl halftime shows. Below are links to videos from previous seasons. A password is required to view the videos.