TEAM Spirit...Exciting Special Events add spice to the program!

Weekly Special Events and Dynamo Days bring an energizing change to the daily schedule. Outside acts or our own programs bring a little zing and zest to the day. Past and present special days include:

Special events for 2023 included:

  • A Magic Show
  • Interactive Story Hour with a Local Favorite
  • A Circus Performance
  • Wet Day (A Camp Tradition!)
  • Rodeo Games (Color War)
  • Theatre Day ('Made in N.Y.' is this year's theme!)
  • A 90s Nickelodeon Carnival
  • Our End of Summer Party

Below is the calendar of Special Events and Dynamo Days for 2023!

PDC Friends
Special Events

Theatre Day Videos
A highlight of every Purchase Day Camp season is our Theatre Day Special Event. Each season, Theatre Day has a different theme. In 2022, the theme was PDC Bowl Halftime Show, with songs featuring artists who performed at super bowl halftime shows. Below are links to videos from previous seasons. A password is required to view the videos.