Swimming...Good for Life!

Swimming is a lifetime skill that every child should master. We feel so strongly about it that swimming is the single most important activity at Purchase Day Camp. Our pool complex designed with swim instruction in mind. ALL OUR POOLS ARE HEATED and they are depth appropriate. Your child will swim twice daily and one of those swim periods will be a small group lesson. We have over 20 Certified Lifeguards on staff and we use the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim program. In addition to our waterfront staff, our counselors actively participate in swim instruction. This allows us to have very small 1:2 or 1:3 ratios for swim instruction.

Learn to Swim Program Booklet


Program Highlights:

  • Swim Instruction daily
  • Over 20 Red Cross certified lifeguards
  • Counselors participate in instruction
  • Ratios of 1 to 3 for swim instruction
  • Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Program
  • Three heated instructional pools
  • Heated fountain pool for pre-schoolers
  • Free Swim every afternoon
  • Buddy System
  • Deep Water Test
Free Swim is a highlight! Each afternoon campers enjoy free time in the pools. Safety is a priority so a buddy system is in place. In addition to our lifeguards, counselors are also assigned to sit a shift as an extra pair of eyes on the pool. A Deep Water Test is in place to insure competence.