Why Purchase
Day Camp?

We know there are so many programs to consider so THANK YOU for taking a look at Purchase Day Camp, but we're not a camp for everyone. We're not focused on a single sport or activity. We are laser focused on your child. We provide a broad based program with sensitive, enthusiastic and encouraging staff who get to know each camper as an individual. We're proud of the atmosphere we've nurtured where every camper and counselor is part of one big family. If you are looking for a community for your child to grow in then, YOU FOUND IT!

We use a personalized approach where meaningful relationships lead to a memorable summer. We all know that camp is about the experience; the day to day, minute to minute interaction between the camper and counselor or between the camper and friends. We foster those relationships and that is what makes Purchase Day Camp special. Enormous facilities and unlimited activities are great but that's just "fluff & stuff". People make a program.
PDC Friends

A camper's experience is a direct reflection of the quality of the staff and none are better than here at Purchase Day Camp.

Campers are organized into groups by age and gender and typically have 20 campers and 5 counselors. Certified teachers act as TEAM Leaders for each group and are supported by college students and high school upper classmen.

Our specialty activities are also led by certified teachers. This means that you have two teachers and four other counselors with a group of 20 campers at most activities. No other camp provides that quantity or quality of supervision. Come meet with our Director and learn why our campers say "I just LOVE it here!"

Program Highlights:

  • Certified Teachers head up each group
  • Better than a 1 to 4 counselor to camper ratio
  • Over 20 different activities each week
  • Activity Leaders are also certified teachers
  • Swimming twice daily
  • Over 20 Red Cross certified lifeguards
  • Flexible enrollment options
  • Bus transportation available
  • Hot or cold lunch available
PDC Friends

Caring parents look for...

  • Programs that meet the needs of their children
  • Activities that teach and thrill their children
  • Facilities that inspire fun and adventure
  • Staff that become trusted and beloved big friends
  • Other Parents who gladly send their kids year after year

Who makes it happen?

Our TEAM; a super-organized group of very caring people who keep campers smiling from morning announcements right through dismissal. Parents and our own TEAM Members tell us:
  • the closeness
  • the camaraderie
  • the spirit that abounds here
 ...make Purchase Day Camp seem more like the traditional feeling of a sleep-away camp. The big difference: You get to see your children every night for dinner, and hear them tell you about the day's:
  • highlights
  • surprises
  • successes